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NV3500 Trans Fit???

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My 94 Dakota (4x4 318) needs a new transmission (5spd manual), or $1400 rebuild. I think it's called a NV3500 according to the parts counter guy. But he can't tell me if a NV3500 from an '01 Ram will fit. Salvage guy says 94-96 interchangeable. Anybody know about how the '01 is different? It would have to be shipped across the country, so I cant look at it before I buy it. Any ideas?? Thanks. :-\
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I didn't think that you could get a nv3500 in an 01 ram, it should be a nv4500 I think. As for the 3500 and 4500 interchangability, I believe that you need to at least swap bellhousings.
Wow, thanks for the quick answer William, a Mopar Nut is what I need. A transmission was advertised on eBay as a NV3500 from a 2001 2WD Ram with a 318 (5.2). His story, and I've spoken to the owner on the phone, is that he decided to tow with the truck, then found out the NV3500 was insufficient strength, so changed to a salvaged NV4500 from a wrecked '01, and still has the NV3500. Best I can make out from the picture, it has these numbers on what appears to be an integral (or attached) bell housing: TTMTT31A1305 and PP2108199AD.
Well, it sounds like an nv3500 by the description. I did find a few places where the 3500 was listed as available in 01+ rams. Just make sure that the donor is from a 4x4 with the same transfercase, otherwise you will have to do some parts swapping. Maybe something useful here:
Nope, the donor is a 2WD. Thanks for the sites, I'll look at them closely. I did already pick up the fact that the bellhousing is integral, which is apparent by the pictures in eBay , and a couple of part numbers are somewhat legible. I posted this under "technical" or something like that, so maybe something more will come up.
This under Techinical: I have a 94 'Kota 4X4 318 that needs its 5spd trans rebuilt. According to Dodge parts guy it has a NV3500. I can buy a NV3500 w/ low miles from a '01 Ram 2wd 318. I've only seen pictures of it, and the bellhousing is with it, and I can make out part no's that appear to be TTMT31A1305 and P52108100AD. Parts guy can't tell me if it will fit. Salvage yards (Hollander Interchange?) say 94-96 interchangeable but don't know how '01 differs. Could be something dumb like reverse switch or something minor that I can get from old one. Anybody with hands-on knowledge of this? Thanks.
Got my answer from a guy in Mississippi. There are many variations of the NV3500. The one for the 2WD has a longer tailshaft than the one for the 4X4. Also, there can be variations in output shaft length protrusion. Or lack thereof. In some 4x4 applications, it is recessed, like in a socket, and the connection to the transfer case "reaches in" to the shaft. So I give up, I have to save up to get the %*#@&^*(+~ thing rebuilt. Anybody want a helluva nice 94 Dakota cheap? [email protected]
How about getting the good tranny and swapping your existing 4x4 shaft and housing in? I can't speak specifically for the 3500, but I have done a 4500, a 4535 (445) and several 435's, and they are pretty easy to swap from one configuration to another if you have the parts.
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