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Nursing a bad Accelerator pump or what?

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OK guys,

Been bugging me for some time, but it seems as though my '74 has a slight hesitation on takeoff from idle. Its momentary when the engine is hot, but in the cold, dont even try getting on that throttle, you have to lightly feather it till you get it rolling.

My Carb is a Holley 2280 2-v. Its been a good little bugger considering its been running great except the slight hesitation and I pulled it straight off a parts car! I've adjsuted the pump arm to where the arm is down tight at idle. before it had enough clearance that you could cycle it (the arm) down a good 1/8 inch and kill the motor at idle.

But, the slight bog is still there, about the same as before. Right after that slight hesitation, she screams like a banshee and will light em up at will. I'm curious as to whether or not the vac. advance cannister may have something to do with this. Or, should I just plan on rebuilding the carb.

Like I said, its monetary off idle hot, like 1/2 second or so. Otherwise she runs like a striped ape and will put you back in your seat. Thats why I'm wondering if the advance cannister is too tight on that distributor.

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rebuild it
chrysler300le said:
rebuild it
Yeah...what he said! ;D
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