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Number of leaves in stock leaf springs.

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I'm not sure if I'm asking this right.

I want to answer CLR's post about tires, etc. On my 1990 4x4 RC, I have 4 leaves in the front and 6 in the rear. Other info is it is 6000# GVW and on the build sheet under the hood it says it has a 3500# front axle. On the driver's side door post it say the front is 3280 GVWR and rear is 3600 GVWR.

I know what GVW is, but what is GVWR?

The reason I ask is because I'm wondering if the springs are maybe not stock. I have 31s on it and they look small. It seems I could run 32s or maybe even 33s without problems. There's a lot of clearance.

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chrysler300le said:
Original should of been 3 leaves up front and 5 in the rear. Sounds like someone added add-a-leafs all the way around.
That's what I thought from the way they look. I have a lot more to learn about suspension issues.

Thanks a lot for the quick answer. :)

pir2 said:
cooper30 said:
I know what GVW is, but what is GVWR?

Same thing.
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
Gross Vehicle Weight
Thanks. :)
Dodge 85 RC said:
It could be that it also came with a snow commander package from the factory because those would have heavier duty leaf springs all the way around for the snow plow if I'm not mistaken. Don't know if that was offered in 90 tho.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I've actually got all the original documentation that came with the truck when it was bought from the dealer. No plow package although I wish it had it.
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