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Number of leaves in stock leaf springs.

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I'm not sure if I'm asking this right.

I want to answer CLR's post about tires, etc. On my 1990 4x4 RC, I have 4 leaves in the front and 6 in the rear. Other info is it is 6000# GVW and on the build sheet under the hood it says it has a 3500# front axle. On the driver's side door post it say the front is 3280 GVWR and rear is 3600 GVWR.

I know what GVW is, but what is GVWR?

The reason I ask is because I'm wondering if the springs are maybe not stock. I have 31s on it and they look small. It seems I could run 32s or maybe even 33s without problems. There's a lot of clearance.

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Original should of been 3 leaves up front and 5 in the rear. Sounds like someone added add-a-leafs all the way around.
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