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NP435 to NP208

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Little help here if yall dont mind. I got a NP435 that I pulled from a 75 Dodge Power Wagon,along with the 360 and 203. I'm wanting to put the 435 into Big Mo,which has the 360 so the bellhousing will fit,I can surface the flywheel and get a new clutch/throw-out bearings. It was in front of a NP203. I'm wanting to put it in front of a NP208. Would it bolt up or would I have to put a new tail shaft or something on it? I don't know much about trannys so help me out if you can!

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Hey Jimmy,
You will need to change the mainshaft and the transmission extension housing (piece between trans and tcase). The shaft for the 208 is also the same as the 205. Make sure that you save your 203 shaft, I had to pay through the nose when I wanted one. I do have a 205/208 shaft if you need one, but it is buried in my moving van, and it could be a month or so before I get it unpacked. There is a bit of info on my homepage about the 435 and how they come apart.
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