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ive done this i rebuilt my 205 on the top of the t-case their is 2 bolt you want to take those out thier will be a spring with a ball bearing under those you might need to use a magnet or tip the t-case upside down to get them out and save those parts also by those bolt thier will be to caps they say to use a punch to get them out but it didnt work for me so i screwed a screw into them and pull them out like a nail with a hammer then take a long punch and their is a little pin type deal under those caps(you might have to adjust the rails) and punch those out into the bottem of the case
when i find this how to on a ford 205 ill give you the link its a really good how to
and yes i did say ford please dont get mad
also if you need any other help shot me a im and ill do my best ian and good luck
btw the i like your truck it just like my but i have a flat bed for know
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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