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NP 241 Yoke Seal Leaking

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I've got a '90 RC that I'm currently removing and replacing the the motor and trans in. I plan on leaving the transfer case in place as "An alignment point" so the motor and trans go back in to the same location that the factory had them in. Bolt everything up, and then pull the transfer case.

I noticed yesterday, that the damn pinion seal, (That stupid little rubber seal), that's supposed to seal up the splines and keep them from leaking, is leaking and allowing the yoke to sling Dexron II on the underside of my floor.

A local and reputable 4x4 guy here, replaced the seal and the pinion nut, (Nut is the same nut they use on a Fiord rear), because he said the nut had a bigger flange on it that would both help keep it sealed better and also stay tighter longer than the stock nut.

I'm planning on rebuilding the transfer case once the motor and trans is back in, but has anyone else heard of this before? Is this the sign of something like the rear support bearing getting some slop in it?

The yoke seal itself doesn't leak, just the little black star shaped spline seal.

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Could you have some wear on the splines themselves?

Here's the part numbers for the seal and nut.
4210973 WASHER, Spline Seal Yoke, Rubber
4167924 NUT, Rear Yoke
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