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Nova Scotia members intro and joining post

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Post here to introduce yourselves and join the chapter
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Hello all, I'm new so bear with me. I currently live in Bridgewater on the south shore. My dodge is a 1989 dakota 2x4, a few mods have been made of course. Took the 4 banger out and upped the horse power a bit. Got a 1978 5.9l in it now, with a rebuilt thermoquad on top. Trucks been lowered and painted. Will get a pic in as soon as I can, its still a work in progress though even though I drive it dayly to work :) Got a 440 engine and 727 tranny I can pick up cheap too, so thinking about it for back up when i blow the 360 up :p
Good to see a few locals, maybe we'll hook up some day
p.s I am a automotive mechanic as well, all mods are completed by myself :)
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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