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Not a Dodge: O2 Light on in Dash

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Of my girlfriend's little Mazda truck. It's a 94, and that's just about all I know about it. I'm going to get more info tonight when she gets home. But what could cause the O2 light in the dash to come on? It has also been idleing extremely low, almost dieing, and actually dieing on cold morning when not properly warmed up.
I'm asking because i told her to leave it with me for a week and I would fix everything i could find wrong with it that didn't cost a load of money...

Thanks for any input,
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I would take it to auto zone and let them look at the code. My friend had a mazda like that and his symtoms were about the same and his problem was a o2 sensor.
yeah, it's telling you to change the o2 sensor.

A-Z won't be able to pull the codes, that is not an OBDII vehicle.

They do it here on non-obdII vehicles but the use a little tester that makes beeps and they count the beeps it makes. Maybe this a-z is special? or they just bought one for the heck of it i dont know lol but change the o2
Not all Autozones can test pre-96 japanese vehicles. The two here in Casper don't because it takes a special tester and neither store manager will spring for one. We only test any OBD-II systems and pre-96 mopar, furd and chebbies. Most Autozones will only go this far.

Derek, your G/F's Mazda probably just needs a new O2 sensor(probably about $50) and a good tuneup. Remember to reset the light when you get done. Just unhook the battery for a minute or two.

Buy the tester for about $30 - test it - then return it because it dosn't tell you what you need to know anyways!
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