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Well was pretty excited to get it from Summit. Upon exam of the parts, (Highly Recommended) I found the elbow fitting for the nitrous not drilled all the way out. That could of been disaster!!! Once drilled. Let the games begin. Tips for future buyers.
Must have Nitrous Gauge and fuel pressure Gauge.Then bottle blanket and warmer. If using Holly Electric fuel pumps blue or red check back pressure on your fuel tank,ie 83 Ramcharger. Pressure in tank impedes flow with-in 20 min to
3lbs. Corrective action vent cap.

All in All very pleased with performance @ 125 shot and have ran 3 10Lb bottles with NGK Plat 4 #4469 Only one heat range for 273-360 Mopars. No hot spots. Engine mods.
Stock crank and stroke, 360 Heads 1973* Milidon timing Gears 10BTC timing*Milodon 8qt 4x4 pan and mopar windage tray. 1.6 Crane Roller rockers on shaft. Performer Cam and lifters* Performer intake * Mopar Performance Dist- and crome ecu to 8000 rpm. 3.21 ratio on 31x11.50 BFG Mud and Snow. Heddman Headers 1 5/8 diam. Street Avenger Carb. Yes Yes Yes 18.7 88miles per hr. 1/4 ML
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I am no drag racer,however 18.7 w/o nos and the above mods sounds slow to me?????????????Correct me but I would have figured somewhere in the 16's with above modifications and the JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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