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Noise in Engine

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I was inspired by slgunnel's post about rebuilding his 318. Decide I'd tear into mine around the end of May or first of June (when I can stand to be in my unheated garage) to cure a noise that has gone on for 15 years. Yes, 15 years! When the noise started, I figured it was a lifter or pushrod and I'd just ignore it until things went to hell and then I'd rebuild or replace the engine.

However, the "bullet proof" 318 has lived up to it's reputation and is still going strong. It burns no oil, gets 11-12 mpg on the highway (8mpg when towing my camper) and like that damn bunny, it keeps going and going and going.... It is not a daily driver. I only use it for dump runs, camping and hunting.

Specs: 1979 W150 Club Cab, long box, 318, 727, NP203, 178,000 miles, Prospector Package...pretty much stock. Other than the regular/normal PM, all I've ever done on the rig is replace the starter and the front drive shaft and u-joints. I also intend to rebuild/replace carb this Spring. The oil pressure runs on the low side, but still within Chrysler's specs.

Now to the noise: It is a "tank-tank-tank" sound that comes and goes (and lasts for several seconds) with no regular predictability, except that it will only happen once the vehicle reaches its normal operational temperature. The sound comes from the passenger side of the engine, and sounds worse when you get under the rig. It can and does happen at any engine speed.

Anyways, when I do tear into this thing, what should I be looking at as a cause for this noise in order that I may cure and/or prevent it from happing again.

BTW this is the best freaking Dodge board, ever!
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Without hearing the sound I think it is either a lifter that is not getting oiled properly or maybe a loose flexplate bolt. Rebuilding the engine should take care of the lifter problem since you'd be replacing the lifters and the oil pump, hopefully with a high volume one. Get the block and heads boiled to so all the oil and coolant passages are cleaned out. If its a loose bolt you should notice that when you remove the engine.

By the way, if you'll put what city you live in, or near, maybe one of the other Wyoming members can come help you when you need it. I live in Casper and Donk lives in Cheyenne. Also, if you're interested, go to the Wyoming chapter board and join the chapter.

Check to see if you have a heat riser between the exhaust manifold and header pipe. On the passenger side. It's a butterfly valve that closes until the engine reaches normal temp. If it's flappin in the breeze, so to speak, it will cause that sound.
I'm a big believer in "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." ;D
WYCowboy, PrimerGrey & Cooper30,
Thanks for the responses!

First, Cowboy, when I click the link to the WY Chapter, it takes me to an invalid link place. BTW, I live in Goshen County, WY and work in ScottsBluff, NE.

Primer, I've checked into the's OK.

Cooper, you got a point. Believe it or not, the mechanic that works on both my Ford Wagon and my Dodge Caravan has told me that if it isn't burning/smoking oil, fouling plugs, and if the cylinder walls look OK, leave the pistons & rings alone and just do a "freshen up" overhaul, for as much as I do/don't use the vehicle.

Guess we'll see when I get the manifold, heads, and pan off this Spring.
BigJake said:
First, Cowboy, when I click the link to the WY Chapter, it takes me to an invalid link place. BTW, I live in Goshen County, WY and work in ScottsBluff, NE.
Not sure what the problem is with getting to the Wy chapter page. With the server problems that Sam is having it is probably there. All I can reccomend is to keep trying if you are interested in joining the chapter, it is free by the way.

I think I know where you live (what town, or close to) but since you don't mention it by name I won't either. Do you know Dave Barber? If you do, say hello from Chris, he's my cousin :) If you need some help, ask, I'll try to get down there and give you a hand.

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