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Does anybody know why Nick deleted his profile?
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welcome back, nick. missed ya there for a bit. man, don't let anybody get under your skin because of what you drive. ta hell with 'um, that's what i say! welcome back.
naw, from what i've heard (this is how rumors start), someone on the site ragged him for driving a foreign car. called him a ricer or something like that. i don't quite remember, but he wasn't too happy about it, so he left for awhile. Glad to see him back.

NOTE TO NICK: i still don't have my damn tranny fixed!!! ;D
so c'mon, nick. PLEASE set me straight, cuz the last thing i wanna do is have the wrong info. like i had said earlier, that's just what i had heard. so let the truth be know. GP, i do believe you meant BVD, right?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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