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Newbie Questions!

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???Hi guys
I'm new to Dodges but have a chance to get a 78 4wd,318,4speed.Iwould like to know what front and rear axles and t cases came stock on the 78 trucks.V.I.N.#
W218F8S112691. Any help will be greatly appreicated.
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The front axle should be a Dana 44, the rear axle is probably a mopar 9 1/4 but could also be a 8 3/4 inch unit. If you have a removable cover on the back of the pumpkin its a 9 1/4, if it has a removable unit on the front side, it s an 8 3/4. Your transfer case should be a NP203 full time unit.

according to the vin, its a 3/4 ton truck, so it should have a d60 rear and a d44 front, with either a 203 tcase if its full time or a 205 tcase if its part time.

;DThanx for the fast info.If in fact it has a dana 60 rear and a np205 t case I'm gona buy it for sure.He says top speed on 31 in tires is only about 70mph so I'm thinkin 4.56 gears.Any guess's on the gear ratio?It's a 4 speed so an np435?
Again thanx for the help!
I don't think that it has 4.56's unless they were swapped out. 4.10's are more likely if its a 3/4 ton.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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