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wanted to introduce myself to the Montana sector. I just found out that there is this area chapter section. I'm currently living in Bozeman just moved up from Colorado, just like everyone else to escape the mass choas down on the front range. I'm going to be working on my residency so that I can continue my ed-um-ac-ation here in the big sky. I'm driving a 74 PW she's my baby,

I would be all for meeting up for a trail ride or whatever with some of the Montana members. I'm having a real hard time finding anybody to wheel with and tinker with around here. :\'( I've found a few trails around, but not as many as I would like. But most of them are snowed in now.

Well glad to meet you and if anybody ever needs some help give me hallor!


p.s. I e-mailed you Montana Joe did you ever get it??

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Hey Erik! Sorry this post is so late. I do not remember seeing your email. I havent been very active here at RCC for a few years due to my job (Driving Truck all over the US and Canada) and my 85 Ramcharcher has been broke down for a few years, but I will have it running again this spring and plan to get the chapter up and running again. I travel through Bozeman alot. Looks like a great area to explore with a 4X4. How is the 74 running? Well, Im off to Calgary in the morning (sitting in Missoula right now). Let me know if you get this. Happy Trails. -Joe
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