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new pics truck in progress

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That is one sweet ride. It puts mine to shame. How much lift is on there to clear those meats? Looks like you've already got a good head start on a sweet project! Good luck and have fun with it!
Hey man lots of fun there. Shes a beauty!
13 inches total of lift 4 on body and 9 on suspencion
Sweet truck man, keep us updated on the mods!
She's a nice one!
Nice ride, Well it be going to Ram Jam?
oh 2nd on the "What is the boost gauge for?"
RCC_SaMiaM said:
What is the boost gauge for?
Ummmmm.....don't they normally measure boost? ;D ;D J/K......

What color will it be?
Half of the gauge is vaccume, the other is for boost. The boost will consist of two Mitsubishi Eclipse turbos running possibly around 10 lbs. of boost total.
Will be ordering the turbos in January. Will start building the dual turbo kit next month after truck is fully finished.
On another note, I'm going to use a Cummings turbo intercooler. Color will be camoflage vinyl kit.
:) :) ;) :D ;D 8) ::) ??? ???
Also, when and where is Ram Jam? I live in Jersey.
No license no insurance no front drive shaft :\'(
The woman refuses to drive it :\'(

8) ;) :D
4" Body lift is un-safe. If I were you I would swap it out for a 3" kit. Also how did you net 9" suspention lift? Please tell me there aren't blocks in the front.
whoa, it's ahhhh big, mabe even a little to big.... NOT! ;D ;) :eek:
i agree with the blocks comment. if there's blocks under the front, get rid of them! all in all, looks like you've got quite a ride there. wanna work on mine next?

see the ram jam link at the top of your screen for info. July 4th weekend, Randolph, KS. don't say it's too far.... we have people from all over come last year! ;D
boost gauges are for turbos and superchargers Randall, duh.

I am interested in seeing your twin turbo setup. I am possibly going to go the same route.
Man that is an awesome truck!!!! I like it has lots of character... I bet it has some stories to tell.... Man if trucks could :p
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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