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ok now any help would be cool

ok i have a 200 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.9l
i have done all the bolt ons i could think of i have headers, muffler,msd 6a coiland wires, throttle body 52mm and a cheap intake i dont really want to open the engine untell i rebuild it
im looking for better gas mileage i was looking at getting the 24lbs injestors as some of you should know the 2000 has 20lbs ones on it know would this efect my gas milage and if how bad or good as im really only trying for better gas mileage and and would it be a good idea to get an intake maniflod along with it or is that just a wast of money

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bigger injectors wont improve gas mileage.

the computer controls how long they stay open. the computer is designed for adequate fueiling with the small injector. add a larger injector it still stays open same length of time and now you ve only added more fuel.

injecotrs wont improve mileage unless you are talking of a different nozzle design.

there are many nozzle types such as pintle. some spray in a more efficent pattern.

to have most affect on mileage you need to control engine control parameters such as fueling. that means customing tuning on a programable engine management system. not very cheap unless you are a do it your selfer.

there are better things to do to improve mileage.

first is to ensure that your engine is running in tip top shape. are sensors reading corectly? buy a multi meter ($10 and a good factory service manual and check them) a faulty coolant temp sensor can tell the computer the engine is too cold so it adds additional fuel.

spark plugs and o2 sesnor need to be checked often. o2 sensor is improtant. if a 2000 dodge only uses a 1 wire o2 sesnor it will get worse total mileage than the 4 wire. reason is o2 sensors only work above 600º. with a 1 wire it has to wait until engine exhaust temp rises that high. in mean time engine is allowed to run real rich. (open loop) with a 4 wire the other wires are heated so the o 2 sensor heats itself and allows quicker change over to closed loop mode.

most all o2 sesnors are the same except different terminal plugs. you can easily cut off old plugs and crimp. may save money so you can buy a o2 sensor for cheaper than dealer price.

need to check fuel pressure. it may be too high or low.

also with volt meter and manual you can tell your air fuel ratio to see if any modifications put you out side of parameters. a good manaul will have charts translating simple voltage readings off of o2 sensor into understandale air fuel ratios.

a computer runs off of imput of several signals. mostly in the o-5volt range. using simple rotary or linear potentiometers or thermistors. if you have a good manual you can translate these voltages into knowledge such as throttle position oil pressure water temperature MAP o2 ect ect.

this is vital to "tuning"

other things to consider.

a toneau cover can help reduce some drag.

dual exhaust or good flowing single w/o catylitic converter (if no inpsections) can improve mileage.

tire size and pressure affect mileage.

it is said there is a gain by switching to synthetic fluids in engine tranny and rear end. makes sense. sythetic has less friction.

the single biggest thing is to change your driving habits. dont drive like ol grandma but dont drive like a teenager or parnelli jones.

these american vehicles are designed to get optimum mileage some where between 45 and 65mph.

smooth acceleration and no drivng in over drive in town. dont slam on brakes up on stop sign. start to coast well before. not only is it safe, it reduces wear and improves mileage greatly.

i have proven tis greatly. an improvement of 7 mpg was found by chanigng driving styles. my dad traveled at 65mph in our xj6. he got 19mpg. we have instantaneous mileage gauge showing mileage thorugh some strange computer functions.

when i took over at the wheel, mileage jumped to 26mpg. still going 65.
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