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New Guy saying hello...

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Hey all how's it going? I'm just posting since I'm new, yes I did own an 84' RC with a 360 4bbl (my first car) however that was before 3 accidents and an electrical blow out (didn't help that the previous owner caught the engine on fire and burned some of the wires) now it hasn't ran for 3 yrs and I now drive a dinky 92 Jeep Cherokee which does good but I still never forgot the thrill of owning an RC, Oh BTW I am selling my Jeep soon and saving up my National Gaurd activation pay and gettin' my self a new RC if anyone have any suggestions or advice feel free to respond, here are some pics of my first love:
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Hey, welcome to the site! :)

Too bad about your first RC. I know, I had to sell my '85 back in '95, and I haven't been the same since. Went through a '94 Wrangler and a '96 Blazer before I realized that the Ramcharger was the only thing that would make me happy.

Good luck finding a good one to build up, and don't throw out the Cherokee too soon; they're a pretty good 4x4 too. {cool}
Ok now I'm stuck with a decision, I thinking of buying an 83 and below RC and putting a big block in it later on(due to the fact that in Utah it is illegal to change the engine displacement in 84 and up cars and trucks) or purchasing a 84-93 and just modify it to my liking, however someone told me that it is difficult to modify the 90's RC's due the fact that they have a lot of electronics and computers that don't take kindly to modifications, well hopefully I get good deal on one pretty soon.
yep id have to say deal with an older one. Fuel injection and all the sensors and electrical and bull^&*& are a pain in the ass. Happy hunting Dave ;D
Hello Bronco Buster welcome to the site. I have to agree with
cleandust . I have an 82 RC restored inside & out and I love it.
I've had it for 6 yrs 3 of them was spent restoring it.
you do not need a newer one just fix the one yu have. Welcome to RCC.
i agree with cowboy778,keep your RC!!!!! i had a wire fire in my 86'RC afer my new MSD coil turned into a fireball......i had to replace the entire harness under the hood, Hit the junkyards or see if you could find a truck for 3-400.00 and scrap it for parts ...... it does'nt have to be an RC. i got lucky and found it at the first stop for 80.00...............GOOD LUCK!!

welcome to RCC ;D
I agree with the boys. Stay a way from new. Keep your old one and find a scrapper.
Well I've got excellant news me and my brother spent the past 3 days tinkering and replacing wires and electrical components, and finally got it started after over 2.5 years of not running, now the problem is we have to get the right timing on it and the carburator needs rebuilding because all the seals are dried out and gas is leaking on to the manifold. now the bad news is its not my truck anymore I switched the title to be in his name, but oh well i guess i have to find me another one...
Always cool to get a RC running thopugh . hell your bother has it right ? Anyhow try and find a 80 and earlier RC if you can man . Get the removable top that way .

Well this is interesting we couldn't get the dang thing timed so me and my bro had a real bad hunch and it turned out to be true: a chewed up distributor/oil pump drive gear and also a chewed up camshaft, both of the gears are chewed up to the point of not even contacting, what caused the chewed gears was from a seized oil pump, so that means we'll have to do pull it apart and do more surgery on it. ::)
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