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neutral safety switch ????S

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i got a my 87d100 that had the /6 a833 combo in it, but now has a 74 400/727 combo i was told i had to have the neutral safety switch. my ? is do i have to have it????
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Well i already told chad this, but my truck was already bypassed when i got it and i would drive and it would fall in to neutral then back in gear. i replaced the neutral saftey switch but also the fluid and rewire it and then it didn't fall out of gear , i was under the impression if you bypass it then your trans thinks it in neutral all the time so thats why i thought mine kept falling out of gear. But if yall say to by pass it then bypass it i guess. Mabe it was just bad tranny fluid in mine so when i replaced both it started to work.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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