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neutral safety switch ????S

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i got a my 87d100 that had the /6 a833 combo in it, but now has a 74 400/727 combo i was told i had to have the neutral safety switch. my ? is do i have to have it????
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c iv had a prob since i let my truck set of about a year it wont start with the key and the heater dont work so i got a push button like u said but that was with the /6 in it and that had the a833 in it so i might just have to leave that in there who needs heat in texas anyway??? lololol
how do u bypass them?
intenseimages said:
taz_man440 said:
Chad.. your truck came from the factory with a standard so you don't have the wiring for a switch. If you want a switch, we can.. but you have to have a bad fuseable link for the ignition switch not to work...
however, did he have one of those switches that wont let the ignition kick in unless the clutch is fully depressed? if so he will have to figure out how to bypass that

no could start it with out pushing the clutch
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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