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Need power to Coil..Dah

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Okay heres my latest problem. I suddenly have no POWER of any kind to my coil. Tried to locate the ballast resistor..Had no luck. I know where it should be but it ain't could'nt tell you why..but do have pictures. Now I can hot wire the coil and the truck will run. I lack all emmission systems, the A/C. The motor a 75, the trks an 86. What I would like to do is construct a whole new circuit to my coil bypassing the brainbox (pictured) and allowing me to keep my sanity and still have the truck work like it did. Anyone with some insight on this, I would welcome the advice. Go to "Firewall" album
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Well first I'm a little confused about your pictures. The only thing I see in your center fire wall pic. is the voltage reg - (pictures are not coming across very well on my computer)
Your lean burn module would have been on the air cleaner or, I think on the inner fender well. Either way you have to get rid of it to make this work.
Here is a 'how to' which will help you understand:;id=49
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