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Need power to Coil..Dah

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Okay heres my latest problem. I suddenly have no POWER of any kind to my coil. Tried to locate the ballast resistor..Had no luck. I know where it should be but it ain't could'nt tell you why..but do have pictures. Now I can hot wire the coil and the truck will run. I lack all emmission systems, the A/C. The motor a 75, the trks an 86. What I would like to do is construct a whole new circuit to my coil bypassing the brainbox (pictured) and allowing me to keep my sanity and still have the truck work like it did. Anyone with some insight on this, I would welcome the advice. Go to "Firewall" album
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You dont have a ballast resistor. That is what the computer is for. To convert completely, youll have to get the mopar performance ecu kit, or scrounge the parts from a junk yard. Youll need a ballast resistor, 4 pin ecu(orange box), wiring plug to fit it, and a distributor. If you have the standard scc/leanburn distributor in there, You will want to change it out. the scc distributor has no advance weights or vacuum advance canister.
Hope this helps some...
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