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Working on the free dump truck.
1971 d500 with a 361 industrial
Rebuilt the carb, threw a fuel pump on her, bled the brakes- thought I was ready to drive this beauty out of a hole when lo and behold; the master cylinder for the clutch is shot :p.
Does anyone know anything about these old things (like how much pressure it throws, and what pressure the slave will blow at)?
It seems most of the parts for this thing are made from unobtainium (took three weeks just to find the carb kit ???), and I was wondering if I might get away with using an aftermarket or JY master cylinder. Any tips on a website for some tech. info would be sweet as well.

Thanks- Josh

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You might find some addtional help at this website
My parts books only go back to 1974...if you get some factory part numbers I might be able to run down some NOS parts for it. I'll look around some more for you.
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