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need help with shackle flip !!!

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i got a 85 ramcharger 4x4 , i put a 4 '' lift on my truck a year ago and wanted to go with 35 '' so i had to get more lift so i put the shackle flip in back and only but the factory lift block back, in the front put some longer shackles in to lift it ,

after i got the back done i drove it and it sways real bad now feals like the rear end is moving from side to side but i dont know ? it wants to dart to one side if i hit a dip or a truck passes me on the raod .

if any one has done this to there truck did u have this prob if u do have u got a fix to it ?
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its all in the rear end is where my prob is cuz i done the rear end first and then drove it and it was swaying
ya i had 2 lift blocks in back for a while and that didnot work at all so i took one block out and done shackle flip so that gave me a total of 8 '' lift in back
where can i get the panhard bar at what kinda $ thay cost ?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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