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need help with shackle flip !!!

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i got a 85 ramcharger 4x4 , i put a 4 '' lift on my truck a year ago and wanted to go with 35 '' so i had to get more lift so i put the shackle flip in back and only but the factory lift block back, in the front put some longer shackles in to lift it ,

after i got the back done i drove it and it sways real bad now feals like the rear end is moving from side to side but i dont know ? it wants to dart to one side if i hit a dip or a truck passes me on the raod .

if any one has done this to there truck did u have this prob if u do have u got a fix to it ?
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dodge ram man said:
its all in the rear end is where my prob is cuz i done the rear end first and then drove it and it was swaying
when you did this, you said you put the factory block back, does this mean you took off your u-bolts? if so check and make sure they are tightened properly, from what i have heard and having done this myself, there is very little sway involved after doing this

also, it says you have a 4 inch lift, and the factory block along with the shackle flip, so if i am reading this right you have over 8 inches of lift in back, is this right?

if so just having that much lift in the rear may be part of the problem

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