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Need help finding B stroker assembly

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Hey, my machinist is in no hurry to find the parts I need to build my 500 stroker with my 400 block.
I have no forged crank to start out with, and the machinist has no idea in hell where to find the right piston for it with the stock B rod.

The only setup I can find is on EBay, and it is for a 440 block, which I have, but I'd rather build up my 400, since it is in the shop anyways costing me money.

Any sites out there?
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BOGGER35 said:
the 452 stroker 400 uses the 440 crank
Excellent point. I'm 30 over anyways, hopefully I am good for another 5 thou to make a 4.375" bore.

I guess I just want the extra cubes a 4.15" stroke will give me. :)
I'll check in on that, Bummo. I'm kind of getting discouraged. I just bid on a 69 forged 440 crank on ebay. I know I can still build a 451 with that. I'm starting to see how retailers like to give us the shaft everytime we try to buy something performance related.
Evildriver-3 said:
Are you reading this post or what? i gave you the link to build every size stroker you want and get every part and piece you need, sounds like your dealing with a gm machinist, anyway i could give you more people that do it, but your not looking
Thanks Marty, yeah you did hook me up. It means actually phoning someone though. I can't talk too well on the phone. No one can understand me too well because I'm Canadian and I swear a lot without meaning to.

You called it. GM machinist. Shit man, you should see all the guys lined up to get Nitrous Oxide too. I didn't realise how many people actually use it here. $10 a pound too. One hit equals one pound. Ten bucks to press the little red button. But that should be another post.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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