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Need Electrial help.!!!!!!!!!!

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Well I was setting in the driveway with the RC running and the rasdo on. all of a sudden the RC dies. I crank it over and it fires but as soon as i let go of the key it dies. do it again same thing. do it a 3rd time and all it does is crank over wont fire. I have changed out the ing control module, balast resistor ,coil and the whole roter. it still wont fire. I dont have any spark. I jumped from the battery over to the the + side of the coil and it still wont fire. I am out of options here people. This is my daily driver. any thoughts would be greatfull. Thanks

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ok im not sure if dodges have the same thing but my uncles ranch truck did the same thing it is 76 ford. Any ways it was the ignition switch. It had a fusible link in it. and every time it heated up it would split. then it would cool off and go back together it did this until it just stop working completly. All i need to do it replace the ignition switch. It sound like the same problem as yours. Not sure if this help you or not but it can't hurt to check.
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