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Mysterious 440 oil leak-SOLVED- faulty sending unit...

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Ok, I have a mysterious leak on my 440. It seem to be originating somewhere around the rear driver side of the engine, and runs down around the starter, through the clutch fork boot and drips out the bottom of the inspection cover and also from the corner of the bellhousing onto the driver side exhaust pipe. I have replaced valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket and rear main seal, and I removed the inspection cover to verify that the rear main was still good. The only thing I can guess is the oil pressure sender or the valley pan gasket, but the oil doesnt seem to be up that high. It seems like it is coming from the head gasket area maybe? Anyone have similar experience? Thanks.
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believe it or not / l had a head that was poruos [cant spell] on a 440 / it actually sweat oil out the side of it below the valve cover surface / l sold them to a friend of mine and he hates to this day
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