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One is my "daily driver" when not driving the jeep, the other I used to literally jump lava when evacuating during the flow of 2018, and now needs a frame off restore. It needed a frame off restore when I got it, but I drove the pee out of it first for 5 years, made that mutha work for it's money. It started out as a tow truck in the 90s here in Hawaii, and when they were done with it, sold it to a tiny philipino fisherman that took out the seat and put some ford seat it in to make him be able to see over the steering wheel, Between the two, they hacked both the frame and the wiring to death, the fisherman put on a flat bed that is pretty good and will re-use. I have a 92 gasser frame for it, a titled 72 cab in the body shop right now, that was originally a 4 speed truck. As soon as I get a 5 speed I will start swapping the parts on to the new frame, It is being painted as "the big red express" with decals I have had made for that cause. So it will be a 72 dually flat bed custom Cummins truck in about a year to two years.

The other one is as cherry as a first gen can be- factory intercooled automatic, kick ass stereo, herculiner paint. I live in the deep jungle rainforest on a long bumpy lava road, and if the jungle tries to scratch my paint- the truck scratches back!


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