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My transfer case doesnt have neutral!?!?

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I got me an NP205 divorced transfer case and it dont get no neutral. It also does another funny thing. I thought I had it in neutral, left the tranny in reverse, hopped out to look at the intermediate shaft, and my front drive shaft was spinning. Obviously, the rear one wasnt turning, cause I thought I was in neutral. Now, I am pretty sure I dont have a dual lever Dana 18 transfer case, so how is it that my front is turning, but not the rear?
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Do you have 2 sticks for your t-case the only way i know to make a 205 do that is to make 2 levers to control front and rear shafts but that is usually for using low range in 2 wheel drive unless you have an entirely different t-case then it's not a 205 there is a t-case that does do that without being modified and again as usual i can't remember which 1 it is or a really bad senario, it is a 205 and, it's broken
Besides having a twin stick shifter the 205 its self has to be modified to be able to shift the front and rear independently. Which is something that 99% of people don't bother with.
hey Jay... i can't seem to get mine out of 2wd High. the lever isn't moving at all. do i need to be in a certain gear, or just park? this is gonna bite my a$$ if i can't do ram jam in 4High!!! :\'(
Try moving it slowly and pulling the lever may be binding between the difference in the front and rear (front turning) axles or something is caught in the lever under the truck, but i would try the 1st senario
i'll try that... thanks!
You are right, Jay, It didnt turn with hubs locked. I guess that means that there is lube in there. That is a relief. there is still hope for the tc ;D
on a 205 case theres two shift rods linked together and on one post the top has a bar welded so it limits its movement. basically you can have one out and the other in. that bar is there to keep them from being shifted opposite. lets say the left side is out and the right is in that welded bar keeps it from being able to go left side in and right side out. if that bar is removed and two sticks are used this case will do rear high 4 high rear low 4 low and yes fwd with nothing being wrong with the case.sure is alot of fun getting in some slop throwing it in fwd and showering into it while sawing the wheel.
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