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My Slant Six

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anyone know of any preformance mods that will throw out more pony power and speed from my 225 powered truck?
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check out clifford performance. they have a lot of parts for the 225. there is another member here with a 6.
I've got a 225 in my 64. What is it that you want out of it? How much do you have to spend?
PAW has awesome rebuild kits for the slant. I got the $670 rebuild kit back in 96 or so, it came with a new crank, rods and 9:1 pistons. I also put in a competition cams high energy RV cam (can't remember which one) and I found a 2bbl manifold.
Clifford makes headers for it. You can also have the heads machined. An MSD 6A would be a good bet, and it will get rid of that slant six "miss" that they all have. When it is all said and done though, it is cheaper to swap in a 318 or 360, though after everything I did to mine I got 16 to 18 mpg.
i had a couple of slant sixs in my aspens and i hard time finding performace parts for it , all though for my 200 slant six i had in my fairmont (i am shoe horning a 340 in it now ) i found cams for it , my buddy rigged a manafold to put a four barral in it , it had full msd , igntion , custom headers ect , i put a few bucks in it , but made lot's of junk for it too . i wish i would have put it on the dyno , i had no problem beating a mild 350 or a hopped 5.0 stang . but the ford is getting a mopar 340 now , just need to think of a tranny to use
One word.........Turbocharger

followed by intercooler

oooo i liiike

Most of the slant's power potential is in the head. Porting/bowl blending/gasket matching will all make a very noticable difference. Bigger valves help as well. Ford 300 valve are the correct length, but have narrower stems than the stockersso they need to be re-bushed (no big deal if getting the head redone anyway) The other major head consideration is what compression ratio are you looking to run? You can safetly mill up to .100" from the slant head AND block. You will obviously need some measurements to calculate it out, but on the average taking around .060 from a stock head will produce approx 9:1 compression, .100 off a stock head will give around 9.5:1

If you decide to do business with Clifford, make sure to do it over the phone. I have heard nothing but problems and horror stories about their customer service since Jack left. I would also not consider anything but headers from Clifford (comparable/better cams, intakes, carbs, etc can be found for cheaper)

Intake options include clifford, offy, weiand, and the factory supersix setups. I highly recommend an offy 4bbl intake (JCWhitney sells them). You may also want to check out a relatively new dual weber 2bbl setup. I have not tried it (yet), but have heard nothing but praise. Check it out at

Cams--as always, depends on what the use this slant will see. Comp Cams has several solid and hydraulic grinds.

As was said earlier, put an MSD ignition on it and you will never look back.

There are several "build" options for a slant. We need to narrow down exactly what use this slant will see, and build it accordingly.

FYI--the slant in my sig is going to be a street/strip motor. I just rebuilt it to what should be pushing about 225+/- HP and 300 +/- Lb-Ft, the track will tell all this summer (and a dyno run if I ever make it down to Anchorage this summer)

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weell, as to how much money i have to play with.....very little. collage student here. as to what i want to get the six to do? not be floored at 40mph up a pass. a motor rebuild is really not realistic at this time.
There is also a website.. (sorry.. don't have the address handy) that has instructions for adapting MPFI to the slant6, as well as turbo installations. Check a recent Mopar Performance catalog, and see if the slant 6 chapter is still in it, otherwise.. I'm sure we can round up some old part numbers to see which performance parts as still kicking around out there in the dealer systems. I've seen the 225's run side by side with SBC's on the dirt track where I grew up. The motor has more potential than you could imagine.
Aaron Wyse
Stepside_TimberWolf said:
weell, as to how much money i have to play with.....very little. collage student here. as to what i want to get the six to do? not be floored at 40mph up a pass. a motor rebuild is really not realistic at this time.
As far as bolt ons go, there are only a few options.
1. Headers, whether mopar performance or clifford.
2. 2bbl or 4bbl carb. With a stock motor, don't go above 450 cfm if you get a 4bbl. Either buy an Offenhauser 4bbl, or a 2bbl mopar unit.
3. Mopar Orange Box, 8mm wires, MSD blaster coil, bosch platinum +2 plugs....possibly a MSD 6A.
4. Electric radiator fan.
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