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My RC flexing (New Pic 09-15-04)

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Thats pretty crazy stuff there sam, We got a Cj 7 with quarter eliptical springs down here in my area. And ive seen some of the stuff it can do. Its pretty crazy i must say. But it kinda makes it impossible to drive on the road. Another one of my buddies has a Samari thats has 35's on it and hes getting ready to do quarter eliptical on it too. Keep the pics coming man, thats some cool stuff.
I have a 3/4 elliptical setup in the rear. A comparison between ride quality between stock and the 3/4 elliptical is that the 3/4 ellipticall handles better on the street!

I was worried it would be real wobbly, but it isn't. There is less body roll (I expect due to the front 6" skyjacker springs as well as shocks all around) and with the late model Suburban springs I used in the rear it has a more cushy ride to it.

I am completely impressed by both the on and offroad characteristics the suspension has.
RCC_SaMiaM said:
I have a 3/4 elliptical setup in the rear.
I always thought a 3/4 elliptical setup only had 2 connection points? One on the frame and one on the axle. Like a leaf pack with one end cut off, fat part of the pack (center) is bolted to the frame, and the end is hooked to the axle. Or is that the "old school" setup? ;D
That is a 1/4 elliptical setup.

Think of it this way, stock springs are 1/2 elliptical (half circle), you cut that in half it is 1/4 elliptical (1/4 of a circle).

So if you just use that part, like you described, it is a 1/4 elliptical setup.

Now, if you take and add that 1/4 elliptical (half spring), bolt one end to the frame, the other (eyelet end) is attached to the back section of your stock spring (eyelet end) by a shackle, that is 3/4 elliptical, since you have the 1/4 elliptical (half spring) + the 1/2 elliptical (stock spring).

Granted there is more involved in that, but that is the basics.
Hmm, whats the word I am looking for here,,,,,,, DUH! ;D I will be ok once my brain starts firing on all 4 cylinders again! LOL
whoa! those flex pictures(R/C and jeep) are outta control :eek: quite frankly i'm frightened, lol
hey sam i was gonna do teh 3/4 eliptical to my rc, its an 83, i have 6 in springs in the front and blocks in the back. but when i get the money to get the rear springs i was gonna do the 3/4 eliptical. think its a good idea for a daily driver. i hear it isnt that great on street. i guess it probly depends on the leafs.

Like I said before, it handles no differently on the street then stock. It actually rides better than stock, porbably due to the stretch in my wheel base and the longer than stock chevy springs I used.
my friend has a set of 4 in springs from the rear of a k5 blazer that he'll give to me. when you did the eliptical did you have to lengthen your rear driveline?
Hey Sam,
That is some great flex you have there. I was wondering about doing a 3/4 elliptical set as well. Is the front done on yours to? Would it be possable to get any photos up close shots on your spring sets front/rear, your shackle set up, and just how its bolted all up to the frame etc. Thanks for any help. Clay
The front is just skyjacker 6" springs, which I must say really impress me with their flex.

Once we are done making the 3/4 elliptical look pretty I will take some close up pics.
RCC_SaMiaM said:
The front is just skyjacker 6" springs, which I must say really impress me with their flex.

Once we are done making the 3/4 elliptical look pretty I will take some close up pics.
Yeah, we definitely need a how-to on this!!
A how to is not really possible since everything about it is circumstantial. I used late model suburban rear springs, whick located my axle back 4" or so. The springs are alot longer then stock RC springs. We used a shackle flip kit, mounted on opposite sides and used as the rear spring front hanger. There are really too many factors to duplicate this exactly, so we will not be doing a how to on this. It was basically done by trial and error starting with some ideas.

With the closeup pics you will be able to see enough to draw up your own ideas on how you can make it work for you.
Looks good sam,is that the ramcharger you are bringing to ram jam? 8)
Yep, but with bigger tires, 3" more lift, high steer crossover steering with hydraulic assist. Gotta trim them fenders :)
Sounds good sam,I can't wait for ram jam 2.Looks like you are off to a good start building your truck,keep us posted on your progress. 8)
Any updates Sam??
finished the high steer and dropped in a fresh 440.
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