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Here's a couple of pics of my previous and present Dodge Ram's. I won't have this truck for much longer as the lease ends shortly but here it is anyway. UPDATE: Turned it back in 8-02 as the lease expired. Considered purchasing it but decided I'd wait and see what Chrysler comes out with next.

This is a 99 Ram Quad, it has a 360 and I have added the Mopar performance computer, cam and Flowmaster dual exhaust, brush guard, body lift and wheels....Dumb idea as i now end my lease and have to turn it in...

This is a 94 Ram SLT. This truck was the First off the delivery truck at my local dealership. I went in about 8 weeks before the new body style was to be released to the public and gave them $5000 to secure one of the first ones available. This proved to be a big mistake as it spent more time in the service dept. then in my own driveway. Chrysler ended up buying it back from me under the Florida lemon law because the transmission was replaced 9 times in 11 months.

I also owned a 97 Ram 4X4 but i never took the opertunity to take pictures of it as I was always traveling. This 97 made up for all of the problems i had with the 94. Plus Chrysler gave me a AWESOME deal ($200 under dealer invoice) on it due to my previous problems with the 94. I put 79K on this truck in 14 months and it never gave me the slightest problem once.

Well here you go enjoy!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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