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My new RC

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I have major plans for this truck, my dad sold my beloved scout and gave me this so I have to start imagining all over again. All I can say is I will NEVER buy an aftermarket grille or bumper or anything. If I want new one i'll design it and fabricate it myself, when i'm done this will look like no other dodge

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not a bad starting point. welcome to the site that can help you with everything you need! keep us updated on how it looks!

i agree w/jeff.
it is already got the "trail ready" thing goin on.

welcome!! 8)
haha looks like someone had some serious fun 4-wheelin what didja hit that caused the front end damage? that truck has some serious character! you gunna fix all the dents?? if your gunna sell that big cb antenna on the side let me no. matt
My dad and I have beat more dents out of this rig than I can count. The damage on the sides are from rollin it over. The front passanger side grille damage was a no-parking sign at school, long story. I'd beat the dents out but what's the use i'm just gonna have to do it again, besides i'm startin to thing the more i beat the crap out of it the better it looks.
already looks like NO OTHER lol :eek: ..... ::drools over the interior::
What are your guys' thoughts on cuttin fenders n shit???
83ramchrgr35s said:
already looks like NO OTHER lol :eek: ..... ::drools over the interior::
While that may be, when i'm done with this SOB it's gonna look like it just crawled out from hell
Cutting fenders isn't hard just know it can be a pain in the butt to do but saw zall is about all u need for the shape that body is in lol .


PS: A slide hammer dent puller would pull most of those big dents out too .
Cool, I wouldn't fix the dents...
looks like one helluva fun ride! you won't have to worry about messing up the body ;D
The truck is symbollic of myself, I take a beating everyday at wrestling practice and often look "uglier than hell" because of it. But I still go back for more tomorrow.
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