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dodge88 said:
nothin-but-mud said:
Ok, il get those blocks out of there as soon as i can!! Sounds like somethin real bad could happen.

And something is realy messed up with the tail light, heres what hapens, when lights are on they dont turn on, if lights are on and blinker is on they both pulsate dim, bright, dim, bright... If light are off and blinker is on they both flash on and off. if brakes pushed they light up like they are suposed to, If hazzards are on they flash like they are suposed to. ??? ??? Tomarow I am going to a friends house to get it so the tail lights work when the head lights are on, Im not to worryed about the blinker thing, If I realy need to signal I can use hand signals lol :-\
Sounds like somebody has messed up the wiring a bit on the lights. Get a tester and check your voltages on the different wires in different stages of use: turn on, parking lights on, hazzard on, brakes with parking on, brakes with parking off, etc.

i would have to agree with randall. in my opinion, the key is to not do anything to bring the police to my door, whether it be the door to my house or the door to my vehicle. if all your lights work the way they should, the police won't be as likely to bug you or bust you (for anything, lol). but then, some people like living life a little more on the edge... ;D
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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