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**man, I typed ALOT and when I find the file was too big, I hit the back button, and I have to start all over**

85 D350 crewcab shortbed, 360, thermo-quad, 727, D60FF rear with 4.10posi. 33x12.5R15 BFG Muds in back on 15x10 wagon wheels, 32x11.5R15 on 15x9" This was my first Dodge, but certainly not my last(I currently own a 65 Dart and about to own the Dodge I talked about in the I Have an Idea thread I posted in the Tech forum) As heavy as this beast was, it was quick, could drive 90 all day, and felt like an overgrown Caddy on steroids. DAMN I miss that truck.

I have the other pictures posted here - And let me explain the taillights - cause I know you're gonna ask. That rear dent happened in a parking lot at Fred Meyer and took out the one taillight. The other one I lost one week later when someone apparently decided they needed it more than I did :eek:


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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