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at 62 years old l,m considered an odd ball , people look at you in your vehicle with your LOUD rock n roll playing , they think this old man should be listening to Country music or Lawrence Welk or something like that " NOT " 1974 l went to my first AC/DC concert , l had all the led zep albums plus Kiss , styx's , BTO , Aerosmith , BOC , black sabbath , Bad Co , boston , CCR , Eagles , ELO , foghat and the list go's on , don't get me wrong l like all kinds of music [ the harder the better ] my favorite quote below

quote = l was a head banger before anybody knew what head banging was

also l,m a BIG fan of "one hit wonders"

My father tells me specifically AC/DC and ZZ Top were kick ass in the day. Loud as hell, everyone having a great time and not worrying about tomorrow.

One of my all time favs on the softer side of rock. RIP Tom Petty.
1 - 1 of 250 Posts