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My Dakota with Ram Charger drivetrain.

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This is my '90 Dakota with a 318ci V8, 727 trans, np-208 t-case, front Dana 44 with a trac-loc and manual hubs, rear 9.25 with a Detroit Locker, 4.10 gears, and 36 inch Swampers.

More pics at
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Only picture that would be better would be an action shot of the Dakota Pulling out the Bronco, maybe with a little mud/water flying. Very sweet truck, indeed!
Thanks for the coments. Click the link in my first post theres a pic of me pulling out the Bronco but you cant see the mud flying.I do have it on video though.
that is a bad ass ride!! do you have pics of the transformation?
Did you shorten the housings? Was there alot of mods? Does it drive better/not better? Awsome looking truck.{cool}
muddyrc said:
Did you shorten the housings? Was there alot of mods? Does it drive better/not better? Awsome looking truck.{cool}
Do you mean the axle housing? No i didnt shorten them, they're still fullsize axles. It rides and handles pretty good. Alittle body roll on sharp corners but that because i dont have any sway bars. Im gonna bulid a custom steering setup, i have alot of bumpsteer as of now. I drive it everyday to school and work so im used to it. I didnt have a digital camera when i did the swap, so i dont have any pics of the transformation sorry.
that is what every dakota should look like. NICE!! and Meaty ;)

throw us some of the front axle pics when ya get a chance.
whoa!{cool} nice work on the drive train swap! very sweet ride
Ill try getting some front axle pics when i get a chance. Here are some action pics pages 1,4, and 5 are from McCaslin Mountain.
SWEET RIDE!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: Wow, nice lines, nice truck, nice everything done to the truck.........You've done well. Great truck man........ 8)
Really Really Badass!{cool}. What springs are under it? Any problems with your transfering of fullsize parts?
did you do all the work on the truck yourself, switching chassis and all? awesome truck bye the way
Yes i did all of the work myself. The front was probably the biggest pita, trying to get it square with the rearend, center it, and making mounts for the shackles abd hangers. The front springs are off of a Jeep J-10 fullsize truck, the rear are stock Dakota springs. The rear axle bolted right up without having to move the spring perches.
That's a Bad Ass looking Dakota!!

hey i have a 87 dokota and a 85 rc and want to do what u did could u help me or tell me how to do it?
That is one bad bitch! Exellent work. Good to see people doing things different.
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