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My '99 Ram 1500

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Yeah, this is nothing special, but its my daily driver. Its a 1999, 5.9/46RE, 4x4. So far, I've added a nice Alpine stereo, 15x8 AE 589 wheels, and 33x12.50x15 tires.

The tires that are on it right now are pretty crappy, but are only temporary. They do rub slightly at full lock, and the truck is restricted to the street. But I do have 2" Sky Jacker coils ordered for the front that will (hopefully) be here soon. I've bought a barely used set of 33x12.50x15 Goodyear MT/Rs that I will install on the truck after the 2" front lift is on.

Heres the pics, (I know, driveway sissy pics :p )

My new trailer from Big Bubba's in Ogden Utah. This will haul my RC.
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Nice lookin' rig. ;) Bet she tows the RC nicely.
whlnwgn said:
Nice lookin' rig. ;) Bet she tows the RC nicely.
I don't know, haven't even put the RC on the trailer yet. It should tow it just fine though. ;D
Mohammad said:
So that's the sissey truck huh? I like it, I want one. Looks good Trenton.
Yeppers, thats the sissy truck. After driving my W200 as my daily driver for 6 years, this truck really feels like a sissy. But, it's reliable, rides nice, and gets half decent mileage. I like it.

You want one? I'll trade you. ;D My plan is to keep this for 4-5 years, and trade it for a truck like yours Mohammad. {cool}
Very good looking rig!!!
Mohammad said:
Thanks for the kind words, I've been happy with my truck so far. I just may think (for a little while) about trading the W200 with you though, that's one of my favorite rigs on the whole board.
On equal ground, I'd trade the '75 for your Cummins, but I've put too much blood into that thing to even consider it sorry. :p Tell you what, I'll trade the '99, AND the RC for your truck. ;D

Yes, that is a bug deflector on the front. No, I'm pretty sure it's just for looks. My windshield has been utterly painted in bug guts this year. I think its a Mopar brand deflector, it was on the truck when I bought it, as was all of the stainless steel and the rocker flares. Speaking of which, I found out at RJ that those rocker flares are new to most people. They are everywhere around here (I think they're made nearby). They actually do work, even though I don't care for how they look. This truck is amethyst blue (sorta purplish), which is obviously very dark. It shows every speck of dirt, so the rocker flares are nice.
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We have a '99 Ram 1500 swb std cab just like that, towed my W150 w/ out a prob. when the tranny broke.
Mohammad said:
Anyways, what gears do you got? My dad's 2wd has 3.90s and will RUN. I bet you have fun with yours.
Mine has the 3.54 gears, and the limited slip rear end (trac-loc). It runs great. Even with the 33's, I can leave twin rubber patches at the stop lights. ;D In Dawson, Nebraska (about 800 ft elevation, or so Jay said) it ran even better, that was fun.
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