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my 95 Dakota--- V8, mudders, ES1000's, Hella 500's

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95 Dodge Dakota 4x4, 318, NV3500, NP231, 3.23's, 31 inch mudders, Procomp ES1000's. intake, exhaust and igntion work, 2-Hella 500's, 2-Blazer fogs. Daily driver/light duty off-roader......

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That's a nice ride you have. Any plans for a lift?
COOL, when ya gonna get an RC Oh wait Im not allowed to say that sorry. ::)
cajuntex said:
That's a nice ride you have. Any plans for a lift?
prolly a 2in block in back and a 1.5" torsion bar crank in front for starters.
Kinda crazy color's for you're AC, that brand new?
thats cool and super dont see many older daks...treated like that......Cool......I wish it was mine....
yeah thats a funny color for the hose cover tubing stuff. it matches the body graphics tho so thats pretty sweet.
Thats nice i have a 91 4x4 dakota with the 318 but i only have 3in blocks in the rear i was wonderin if you could tell me where i could find the cheepest 3in front end lift for it????
rabbit, there's no lifts available other than the 4" one that Trailmaster makes. I'm not sure if I'll ever get the full kit for it. I think that kit is up to around $1400 now.
Nice ride! Just not crazy about the loom!

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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