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My 89 project

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This is whay i have to work with. 360 and lots of clearcoat damage.. tires alone were worth the 500 i paid for it..

Lemme know what ya think?

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Looks like a good deal to me!
Hope I can get some good (cheap) ideas from everyone here. 8)
Hey -
Good deal on the truck, but how about removing all of those ANNOYING pop-up ads from your site?

That's a standard, free, domain site. Mine has them too. I'm sure if you're willing to pay for it, he'd remove the ads ;D I would be too ;D BTW, this is a joke ;D

Thank you for your support randall.. I can think of more things to do with money at this moment 8)
It must be a problem with that color. Mine is the same color as your, and it also has a bit of clearcoat damage.
A camo spray bomb job and a set of black wagon wheels w/ some 35" tires.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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