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My 85 RC

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This is my 85 has a 318 with edelbrock cam/lifters/intake, with a holley carb. It has new tires, bf goodrich all terrains. Hopefully i'll get some pics of my 70's trucks up soon. This is a pic a couple weeks before I bought it at the guys house.

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Hey I'm not seeing any photo,....!!!! :mad:

Do I need to kick my CPU again? ;)
The link is down.
nope not there lol try try again... na just messin with ya hope to c it
Not too bad man . Some bodywork to finish and u will be there .

great looking truck man, does it run well?
Run's great, but got a tranny problem..once the engine warms up it won't shift into third, so i gotta pull it and put a rebuilt one I got sittin around in it. I dont know why it's half black, lol, the previous owner did that. Right now i'm tryin to finish my 78's and 79's body work, then this one will get some needed attention.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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