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My 78 RC

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Lookin pretty rough in this picture, but not this worst..check it out at the homepage to my site.
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simply stunning :eek:
Why do I detect a touch of sarcasm in your tone? :\'( ;D ;D
can I have a ride in it? I never have ridden in a 70's RC :\'(
You pour depraved child :eek:. Of course you can, whenever u want!! :)
right now?
sure, there's a hill right by my house we can roll it down ;) ;D Seriously though, it'll run soon and you can go for a ride!, i might even let you drive it if you ask reaaaly nicely

:eek: Maybe you can drive big blue too! ;D
:eek: :eek: Really??!
Only if you're really good! ;)
I promise i'll be a good boy! ;) ;D
shhhhh! ;)
Ok, my lips are sealed :-X ;D

mine aren't! :eek:
MissBigBlue said:
mine aren't! :eek:
{bigeyes} ;D
:-* can I drive big blue too, pleaseeeeeeee! I promise I'll be gentle ;)
Is this the line for driving Big Blue? ;D
Nice R/C
hehe, you guys don't even live near me! Big Blue is picky about who drives him, he's a little shy.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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