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My 76 Ramcharger

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Click here to view the pictures.

Just got it a couple weeks ago for 1000 dollars. It solid but needs a little work to get it ready for wheeling. It has a 400 w/ Edelbrock 4 barrel and edel manifold. Racho supension and 31x10.5R15 (is that the stock size?) I hope to have lots of fun with it soon.

EDIT: Yahoo doesn't like people linking their photos, so you have to get the link of the photo album page and let the viewers look for themselves. I did this one for you. d88
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Your links aren't working.
I cant see the pics either.... ???
I will try to fix it now, was working last night but apparently Yahoo doesn't like it..?
Can't get it to work. to see the photo album you have to join the Yahoo Group i posted it in. So sorry about that, guess i will have to find another way.
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