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My 75 TD

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This is my second TD and the best to date.


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Wow! Looks good. Whats it like with 44's and 4.10's?
Lots of fun. I really like this one. When I get the 440 in it instead of the 400 I think I'll like it more. ;D
Very nice, makes me want to swap in dana 60s front&rear. Hey did you swap the grille or did you get it like that? Makes it look mean. Do you have any of the trim you want to sell?
Got rid of the trim. just collects mud. It came with the grill
Thanks. I do have alot of fun with it.


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It is alot of fun to drive when I can get him to let me drive it....He won't share ;D
Got to swap out the t-case. Broke the output shaft last weekend. But thats okay as I have three more. Can't wait to get my bigger diffs under it.
Any up close pics of the build up?
Not while we did it. We put the lift tires and axels all one in one day.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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