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OK guys,

Literally this car was saved from the crusher. It was on its way to the yard a week or so after I bought this car. Anyhow, here are some pics:

Left front when it was set down behind my Truck and dolly.

Rear view, still in the lot

Front View, up and rolling, taken at the house

Again taken at the house

a 383 USED to reside in there....

But this '78 440 will soon take up residence, dressed out as a '70 motor.

Interior View, its not that bad!

OK so the car is a Gran Coupe, meaning it was built as a Spring Special car based on the 2-dr post platform. Gran Coupes also had Sport Fury grilles and taillights, along with a Walnut grain top and seat inserts.

All in all this isnt a bad project car. Awaiting decent weather so I can get to work on that 440 getting it ready to go in the car.
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