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My $350 Power Wagon

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Here are some pics of my Power wagon

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I drive it every day to work and if it snows I take my wife to work which adds up to about 200 miles a day and it never misses a beat. I have had it since august and have only had to change brakes, a universal, and fluids. I even wrecked it saturday night when an idiot in a ford was afraid to stay on his side of the road and I got sucked into a snow bank. Hit the embankment at 55 mph.....put it in neutral, started it back up, backed out of about 2 foot of plowed snow, and all it did was tweak my bumper about 3/4 of an inch. Now just if It was my trailduster that was my daily driver. The truck needs some serious TLC
hopefully within the next two months the powerwagon will give up its useable parts to the trailduster...and the wife will let me get another

The only things that are saveable with minimal work are the bumpers, tailgate, doors, and passenger fender. They will all live on with the trailduster
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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