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Mud Runs

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Mud runs at Belle City Park March 29, 03 for futher infomation contact:
Sean Supple-Ozark Off Road 573-674-2552
Bennie Cook-Belle Fair Board573-308-7502

High Expectations Off Roaders Club
For upcoming events go to
Mud Runs and outings monthly, next mud run,
May 10, 2003
Cowtown, Cuba Mo.
monthly events,{bigeyes} Fun for the whole family,
come clean, leave MUDDY!!
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Missouri is very popular with having mudruns. I guarantee there is a mud run every weekend somewhere in missouri during the summer months. I want everyone that knows of one in thier area to post about it under this thread. Thanks

Here is another calendar of events here in MO for the Mid Missouri Off Road club: They have events at different locations too... maybe recrute some for RCC? is based out of KC area and they have a large calender of events.
Buchanans Mud Fest May 7th 05......Its in Robertville Mo. Its a big free for all with Huge pits i have seen guys with tractor tires get stuck in....Usually around 500-700 trucks with 1500-2000 people and only 10 bucks to play.
Also High Expectations Mud Run is either the week before or the week after Buchanans at Cowtown USA in Cuba Mo. For those of you who have never been to a HEOFFROADERS mud bog, they can really make some good pits.....Funny thing is a couple of years ago the big pit was so deep that nobody made it 75ft til the last guy ran. Oh and he was driving a RC and made the distance....GOOD TIMES...
Those both sound like fun. I hope I'll be able to make it to one or both of them.
Got a site for that Buchanaans mud thing?? THat sounds really cool. I really want to go to a big mud party/bash/race.
As far as know they do not have a wesite but as soon as i get the flyer i will paste it on here.
Okay i found out some info on Buchanan's MudFest....First date is May 7th, Second date is July 30th, and a third date to be named in October. If anyone want directions feel free to email me and i will give them. Or we can maybe set something up to meet. I live about 9 miles from there and we can meet right off of Hwy 44 in Graysummit, Mo.
You still planning on hitting Buchanan's next weekend? I'm hoping to make it this time. Went last year for the first time and had a ball.
Buchanons next mud run is may 13 2006!  youd really have a good time, lots of trucks, they also have dirt hills for rock crawlers, i live right down the bout some huge trucks!
Lesterville is back! First run is this weekend!  ;D

Supposed to have been the Mother of all Mud Runs!!
This saturday is the Mudd Bog in Marthasville, MO as well. One of these times I'm gonna time it right and be able to run in it.
holy hellfire!  buchannos wasd today!  WOW  i jumped this unseen ditch got my ram bout 2ft off the ground, my starter i just bought, the stud broke off inthe relay!  oh i was pissed!  then i had to pull it home!
anybody go to buchanons this last saturday?  it was bad ass!!!
platte county fair mud runs sat jul21  anybody going to be there?
Buchanan Mudfest 5/10/08
Buchanan Mud Fest is this weekend!!!
Buchanans first Mud Fest for 2010 is June 12
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