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MSD 6A plus Blaster SS Coil

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I recently changed out my entire ignition system. I was running a standard coil, with Mopar Orange box. I did not notice any difference between this and the standard ignition. For some reason I went through 4 coils in a year. I finaly took it to a mechanic and they said it was mis-wired (hmm go figure.) To make a long story short, I decided to completly replace my ignition system
I bought
MSD 6A (ignition computer) -$160
MSD Blaster SS coil (thoes HD coils) -$35
MSD 8.5 MM plug wires -$65
Champion Truck Plugs -$1.65 each

I gapped the plugs conservitly at .50 I here people have gapped them at .55-.60 with no problem.

The install was pretty straight forward, yet I had to put the computer in roughly the same place as the stock mopar computer as the wires would just bearly reach. The coil I mounted on my fire wall by my dist (agian becasue the wires from the 6A mandated that).

What I noticed is not necesarly a faster truck but quicker throttle response and maybe a tiny bit more pep at all rpm's.

The biggest thing I noticed is my truck idles and drives much quieter. I'm not sure why this is but I actually like this. I'll take some pics and post them here later.

I haven't filled up yet but I'll let you know if I get over my usual 11 mpg.
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Thanks for this critique. I have the same MSD system in my '84 Power Ram. I don't know how it ran before with the old ignition (the truck was'nt running when I started rebuilding it).....I have noticed however that the truck does run quite smooth and quietly with it, and it's got plenty of balls (though this is due to a total rebuild as well).
Nice to know the investment was worthwhile.....even though most Ramcharger stock ignitions were just fine and MSD's are'nt exactly technically going to do much better over one.
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