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Moving out there....

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Damm I can't wait to move out there.I'm comming out there in November to look around for a house in Moriarty,and then comming back here to sell my house.I hope to be out there before April.After I find a job and a house i'll look you guy's up and maybe we can talk shop.I'll be hanging up in Rio Rancho alot,my best friend live's up there and will be working on his car and my truck alot.Before I go out 4 wheeling I want to lift my truck up some and get some better and bigger tires.But anyway can't wait to hang with everyone.Take Care All Hatter
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I expect that you'll like it in New Mexico. Every place has ups & downs. And I like the ups here more than the downs bother me. We moved to New Mexico from Texas 9 years ago and we don't regret it. I like the Albuquerque area. Great climate. Good luck in the job search & house sale. - Brian
Yeah,I know I will love it there.The weather is great and the people are too.I lived there for 15 years when I was a kid and then had to move here to Las Vegas, NV with my Mom and Dad.But i'm 31 now and I want to get back to a slower life in a small town,but I still have to be close to a big city and Moriarty is like 36 miles from Albuq so that's a good spot for me.Plus my brother lives in Moriarty so that's cool too.Damm I can't wait to see snow again.But I bet after the third snow fall I won't be saying
Cool...With this post I hit 100 post's...Right on!!!!!!
We'll be seein' ya then...
wicked, moriarty is kinda in the boonies, but there is mud out there, yeah after a few snowfalls you will love it even more, bet it will snow around thanksgiving, it did last year, and the year before...Rio rancho is sweet for the trails and sand, also seeing into the puerco valley is sweet...
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