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motor swap magnum for la

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I'm looking to swap a 96 FI Magnum 360 into my 86 RC. Has anyone done this yet? If so, could you tell me where to find a wiring harness to use? The motor I'm looking at comes complete with the stock ignition and computer, but I can't seem to find a harness to wire it in. Any help is appreciated.
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best bet on wiring harneses are jy's. get the same mod as the computer/engine came from. yu might try good luck
i'm putting a 95 360 in my 78 truck. i'm not using the fuel injection, opting instead to use an m1 intake with a tq. i had to get a new distributor and ecu, mancini has a deal with the dist, ecu, coil, and wires. i had to get an electric fuel pump as well. i didn't want computers on my truck, but you're doing something different. get a service manual or haynes manual for the 86 and the 96 for the wiring schematics.
Sell the '96 computer on eBay and get a '1993-95 computer for 360 Magnum with stick shift. The stick is important because if you're gonna run the FI system, and you use an auto tranny model, it'll be looking for input to run a tranny that isn't there, unless you plan on running an OEM 4-speed automatic. With the manual computer, it'll be happy, and so will you. Why sell the '96 computer? In 1996, they went to an OBDII system......a total pain in the ass. Unless you're well-versed in these things, stick with the OBDI system from '93-'95 360's. The OBDI uses much less electronic crap, but you'll still have a Magnum setup. As for a wiring harness, you'll need a harness from any '92-95 Magnum V8 (318 or 360, doesn't matter). I snagged one on eBay for under $30. Otherwise, it's MaMopar. Maybe that Carparts place...worth a shot. They're very rare in salvage yards....I never did find one that way. My project is a 2001 360 Magnum in an '89 Dakota....if I can ever get finished! Setting it up with an M1 and older ignition for now as I continue to cobble together the full Magnum system.
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Hey Check out this place
phone 562-945-5300 M-F 8-6 PST. I talked to them awhile back and they can take the magnum motor harness and your factory engine compartment harness and integrate them into one harness so that when you turn the key everything works and acts normal. they are also hooked up with another guy in Missouri I believe that will modify the computer on some of the newer stuff to match your gear ratio and tire size and etc. I was told it would be around $600 to integrate the two harnesses.

give them a shot.
I found an engine wiring harness for 60, can I get away with just that? or will I have to combine the wiring? The engine will probably be set up to start like a Humvee, rather than the stock set up. Most of my vehicles end up getting wired different anyway... kill switches, independent ignition, cut off switch's, things like that. I just want to use the comp. to run the motor, my truck seems to find her way into places that are pretty steep and the carb just don't like it. Thanks for all of the feed back. This is the best place I've found to get help and information. Most dealerships I've been to, the service people just look at me like I have an extra head when I tell them I need parts or information for my RC. LOL
Nope, you can't get away with just the harness. Ya gotta have the Magnum computer. The pre-Magnum computer will not run the Magnum setup. Let the Magnum handle the engine, and your stocker handle the rest, unless you want to splice your system wires into a lot more of the Magnum wires. I'm taking the minimal splice route for now. When time allows, and if I ever go full Magnum electronics, I'll splice a lot more in.
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